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Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

I come from a Pilates teacher back ground. I always need to work a flexible schedule no matter what I do. Flexibility isn't enough when you have a family of 4 and a strong travel bug!! I also needed a  business to fit my flexible schedule. This business is exactly that. So we decided to take our family with the business on a 3 month trip to Australia and South East Asia. I have to pinch myself that this is my reality now. A business that is truly flexible!!

Kristine Bene

"I have been studying Personal & Professional Development for over 40 years & I can honestly say the products & events here are right up there with the best of the best.
On the business side the income opportunity is extraordinary & the training from business leaders who have "been there, done that" is remarkable. I'm grateful I got started here almost 10 years ago" - Stephen Kosmyna, Florida, USA

Bruce Partridge



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Now Expanding In North America

Introduction From - Lise Reitsma 

I enjoyed a successful career working in retail and business management. I enjoyed my job and I was good at it, but I got tired of building someone else's dream. It was disheartening to have the bar raised each year after achieving the targets set out by the company only to have the goal posts moved. Today I operate my Online Portable business from anywhere & with that comes the flexibility & the ability to outearn my previous income. - Simon Haggard - QLD, Australia

I was climbing the corporate ladder very successfully in the financial world. Yet I was put on the back burner because I wanted to start my family. The company wanted me to invest more time in them and not me. Now I run my business part time around my family and I homeschool my two adventurous boys. The best part is the person I have become from the products. I love myself and this has a rolling effect on my family. - Christina Henson, Canada

After nearly 35 years in the motor industry at Senior levels I'd really had enough of not seeing my kids and the long hours away from home. I went searching for a better way to live my life. I needed a business that would allow me to be flexible and for it to work around me and my family. Not having me work around it. I choose what I do now for a few reasons - I knew it could give me the freedom I was looking for and all the while maintain the luxuries my family was used to. The fact that it's in an industry I love is a real bonus. Nowadays I travel for fun, I get to spend time with my grandkids & I could never do in the traditional career world. I'm earning an executive level income with my best month being in excess of $54,000USD profit. Gotta love that right?

Christina Henson

Stephen Kosmyna

Codie Dedrick

Hello, my name is Codie Dedrick. 
I feel incredibly fortunate to be running a business in the Personal Development industry, something I'm incredibly passionate about! And I couldn't be more excited to share my journey with you and how starting my business in Personal Development has allowed me to reach incredible heights, both professionally and personally.

My Canadian roots run deep, and I live a fulfilling life with my companions Ghost and Echo, two loyal dogs who bring me so much joy. Owning my own business allows me to live wherever I choose, and explore our beautiful world in a way that I once only dreamed of!

I am absolutely passionate about, and my mission is to work with motivated, enthusiastic, individuals, both men and women who are ready to make a change in their lives and come with me on this incredible journey of creating a life filled with freedom, flexibility, abundance, choices and possibilities! It's not just about traveling the world, 

it's about creating a life that's extraordinary.

"Living on island time and loving every second of it! The Dominican Republic has been the perfect spot to relax, rejuvenate, and recreate. Who else is ready for an adventure? 🌴✨"

Take a leap of faith and jump into the crystal clear waters of Cancun! Swimming in this beautiful pool is such an amazing way to recharge, relax, and enjoy paradise. #LivingMyBestLife #CancunVacay🥽🏊

Ready to take on the excitement of Toronto?! 
Conquer your biggest fears and walk the edge of one of Canada's most iconic landmarks - 
It'll be a thrilling experience you won't ever forget! #Edgewalk! #AdventureAwaits 🤩🚶

Taking my business on vacation with me! 
From home to around the world! 
#entrepreneurlife #runyourownrace 💪💻

THE PROBLEM THAT LED ME HERE: It wasn't always easy. I have been through some tough times in my journey, but it has only made me stronger and more resilient than ever before. I once struggled working in the manufacturing industry, earning a decent income but feeling it was never enough! After a lot of soul-searching, I decided that I never wanted a boss holding me back again, and my life started to change for the better! I started my journey nearly 10 years ago, and after losing my family suddenly, I was earning a steady income, but just surviving. So, I made a decision that I would never work for anyone else again. And that's when my journey into Personal Development began. 

THE BUSINESS THAT WAS A BUST:  I started my life in the manufacturing industry, and it just didn't go as planned. Years went by, and although I had gained so much knowledge along the way, the money just wasn't coming in! I was struggling to make mortgage payments, I had racked up credit card bills, and I was living on 2-minute noodles, Bread, and Peanut Butter!
I struggled to build my business. I faced setbacks and failures, but I never gave up. I knew that I was destined for great things.
And I Was Right.

THE BUSINESS THAT WAS A BOOM: Today, I'm proud to represent award-winning Personal Development products to individuals all over the world. I never gave up on my dream, and finally found my true calling, sharing incredible Personal Development products with people around the globe. The connections I've made are simply incredible, with talented entrepreneurs who are the very best in their respective fields! Let me be your guide. I've been through it all; faced obstacles and challenges that made me want to give up, but I never did, and neither should you. I turned my struggles into lessons, built the wealth of knowledge, and ultimately found the business that changed everything.

If you're ready to create a life filled with choices and rewards, then let's connect. Whether you're grounded in one spot or ready to explore the world, together, we can build the business of your dreams. With just a few hours a day, you can make great things happen. Let me show you how.

 Ready to invest your time and talent into building a truly extraordinary life? 
Then reach out to me today! 
I welcome anyone who is ready to step into the life they deserve!

Codie Dedrick



"For the Success Driven Individuals Who Want More In Life!" 

Simon Haggard

I am a Mum of 2 teenagers and a previous Franchise owner. I worked long hours for little reward. I was overweight, highly stressed and was not enjoying life. WOW how things have changed. I am now living a life I could have only dreamed of and actually loving my life. I have the flexibility to run my business around my family and I am truly grateful that I took a chance, backed myself and made a change. I've turned my yearly income into my monthly income & I couldn't be happier. - Lee Anne Haggard, QLD, Australia

Lee Anne Haggard